Face-to-Face Debt Recovery

Get your money, now!

ADR’s agents know exactly what it takes to get you paid.  They’ve heard all the excuses before and are always one step ahead.

Each debtor has a brief opportunity to contact ADR and arrange settlement of your debt, and then after 7 days the file will be escalated to an external agent.

The agents will keep attending until the matter is resolved and legal papers can be served if required.


  • Asset check

  • Doorstep Visit

  • Payment or Stage 2

  • Revisit and Service of papers

It is a shame that there is a need for debt recovery companies, but unfortunately there is. In the UK there is over 1 trillion owed at any time and in the first half of 2020 there were over 320,000 CCJ’s issued.  The courts are struggling with the backlog and a CCJ doesn’t always guarantee payment.

Some debtors think they just don’t have to pay, they might even blame YOU.  For example a friend lends another money, and then the lender becomes the bad guy for asking for their money back.

Other debtors think that you legally have to accept a payment plan.  You don’t.

The good news is that ADR can recover bad debts for up to 6 years and if the debtor has offered payment in writing this period can be extended.

ADR’s agents are a specially selected team who have vast industry knowledge.  They collect up to £50m for clients each year, and this amount is steadily increasing year-on-year.

Body Cam Technology

Protecting the agents and documenting evidence